Ann Dowling

Ann Dowling (1952-), aeronautical engineer, researches the interactions of acoustics and machinery, particularly connected with reducing the noise of aircraft. After studying mathematics as an undergraduate at the University of Cambridge she moved to the Department of Engineering to work on aero-acoustics for her PhD and has remained there since. Over the years her work on aero-acoustics has included lookingat how sound effects combustion in jet engines and the running of power stations, submarine noise, and reducing the noise of car tyres and, particularly, of aircraft. She was the UK lead for the Silent Aircraft Initiative that developed a conceptual design for a low noise fuel-efficient aircraft. In 1998 she became the first female Professor of Engineering at the University of Cambridge and became Head of the Department of Engineering in 2009.

  • Birth name Ann Dowling
  • Born 1952 Somerset, UK
  • Occupation Aeronautical engineer
  • Disciplines Aeronautical Engineering
  • Education University of Cambridge

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