Anthony Kelly: the materials testing lab

Anthony Kelly explains the materials testing laboratory.

Hello, I’m Anthony, Tony Kelly, a retired professor of what’s now called Materials Science, which I’ve enjoyed doing for many, many years. I started life in physics. But the researches I was doing led quite naturally to an interest in the strength of materials, that’s how large a force you can put on a piece before it breaks. These are a bunch of various sophisticated machines for what is called tensile testing, or compressing, or twisting, a bar of materials to see how strong it is. Now for a very big specimen you might use the instrument over there. And then some of these will be machines that continuously vibrate a thing to study what is called fatigue. And then there’ll be another one which will send sonic waves through a material to see how good the material is. These were all called tensile testing machines, and this would be called the tensile laboratory, that they’ve got to test things to make sure they don’t break in practice.

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