Bob Dickson: writing children's books and plays

Bob Dickson comments on enjoyment of writing a children's book and plays for children.

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Could you tell me about the writing of the children’s book? 

 I wrote – it was when Jamie was a baby and he’s now thirty-five, as I pointed out. And it was about – a book written about the doings of a group of moles on the Herringfleet Hills, which are just down the road here, an old end moraine where the – one of the last but three ice ages landed, just to the west of here. And I did it in a way that appealed to me, the chapter. It was meant to be a year in the life of a group of these moleys and they certainly went down well with Jamie, who was so much younger than Sarah and Miles that – they never really had a chance to appreciate it. They were all above that sort of thing at that age. But the chapters were designed to be like the year, get longer as the year progressed and then shorter again, and the – there was another circle involved in it as well. They started off in Herringfleet. They ended up, through misadventure after misadventure, getting through the New Cut to Breydon Water and out to sea and back in again. So there were kind of currents going through this thing that – more than just these two, that I knew about when I constructed it, and I hope that subliminally they kind of go into the reader, I hope the reviewer, and make it something which – whether they notice it or not, is an easy and exciting read for kids. And so when I’ve finished all these reviews for Norway, I do intend to put it together and shape it up and blush and correct the English and make it better and send it in. But I mean, it is – as I say, it is the sort of thing that I enjoy doing is – is playing with the emotions of kids in writing plays. And I’ve written quite a few plays. Kids are that sort of useful combination of belief and disbelief that it’s good to write for.

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