Cyril Hilsum: wartime UCL at Bangor

Cyril Hilsum recalls wartime studies at University College London during its evacuation to Bangor.

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We obviously were sharing some facilities with the Welsh college and there was clearly going to be a problem with practicals, and the staff had actually rented our bought a cycle shop in Bangor High Street, which was where we did our practicals. We took that pretty well in our stride, it was a bit unusual I suppose and occasionally we did have somebody coming in sort of asking if they could buy batteries there and we had to explain it was no longer a cycle shop. The lectures were not terribly frequent, thinking about it, as I have been, and I suspect that there is more lecturing now than there used to be. I think that we were told we had to rely quite a lot on private study, that the lectures would give us a framework in which we could fit things and then of course we could ask questions but we would be expected to do a lot of reading. Now of course I don’t know that everybody did that but hanging over us all was the possibility that if we didn’t pass even the terminal examinations we would be called up. I’ve said already that not everybody was allowed deferment, it was only those that were born in the second half of the year and we knew that our marks were being surveyed in order to ensure that we were being kept up to the mark and that was of course one point about the radio lectures. So there was always some pressure on us to work reasonably hard.

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