David 'Dai' Edwards

David 'Dai' Edwards (1928-), computer engineer, made significant contributions to the hardware design of the series of innovative computers designed at the University of Manchester from the 1940s to the 1980s. His earliest work was on expanding the Manchester 'Baby' computer and he was awarded his PhD for work on the prototype of what later became the Ferranti Mercury. Inthe 1960s he led the hardware design of the Manchester/Ferranti Atlas, one of the most powerful computers in the world at the time, and was involved in the later MU5 and MU6 projects. Alongside Tom Kilburn he was involved in the establishment of undergraduate education in computing at Manchester and served as head of department after Kilburn’s retirement in 1980. Since formal retirement he has retained links with his former department and devoted much time to family life.

  • Birth name David Beverley George Edwards
  • Born 1928 Mid Glamorgan, UK
  • Occupation Computer scientist
  • Disciplines Computer Software, Electronics
  • Education University of Manchester

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