David Cartwright

David Cartwright (1926-), mathematician and oceanographer, is a pioneer in the application of mathematical modelling and computer analysis to the study of waves and tides and has contributed to the development of instruments such has wave recorders, wave buoys and satellite altimetry that have provided the data on which to base this analysis. His work has been important in chartingvariations in sea levels. After a brief period as a scientist in the Department of Naval Construction he joined the National Institute of Oceanography (later Institute of Oceanographic Science). After his retirement from the IOS in 1987 he continued to work on satellite altimetry with NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center and was part of the team behind the TOPEX/POSEIDON satellite launched by the USA and France in 1992.

  • Birth name David Cartwright
  • Born 1926 London, UK
  • Occupation Oceanographer
  • Disciplines Oceanography
  • Education St John's College, University of Cambridge; King's College, London

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