David Cartwright: a visit from Russian scientists

David Cartwright tells story of visit of Russian oceanographers to Southampton, early 1970s.

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I remember once a … some Russians came, Russians visited Southampton for some reason and – on some sort of oceanographic vessel. They’d got hold of some instrument, a temperature sensor, I believe. It had been picked up on the shore somewhere and they wanted to know, what was it? Deacon actually could identify it straight away. He knew – he had seen it before. And the Russian – Russians were rather – rather generous with their vodka. Everyone had to keep on putting back these vodkas in the hope, I think, that we’d blurt out some secret that in guarded moments we would have avoided. But there wasn’t anything really … This was on – in the dock in Southampton. They invited us on board to look at this recording object and then said, ‘Let’s have a vodka,’ [laughs]. Pretty powerful stuff for anyone not used to it. They were quite friendly but perhaps too – too friendly.

  • Interviewee David Cartwright
  • Duration 00:01:50
  • Copyright British Library Board
  • Interviewer Paul Merchant
  • Date of interview 7/4/2011
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