David Davies: Soviet versions of 'Nature' with missing names

Former editor of 'Nature' journal, David Davies, recalls Soviet versions of 'Nature' with names of certain authors removed.

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But there were issues in those days about Russian dissident scientists of whom there were quite a lot, and their treatment. And extraordinary things like if a dissident scientist was a co-author of a paper, maybe the paper that published in Nature, when the Russians didn’t – they only bought a handful of copies of Nature and then they would photograph these copies and print their own version of Nature and it would cut out the names of people they didn’t want to – to know about it. You know, like the photographs of Lenin with Trotsky and Trotsky disappears, names of authors who, you know, of people they didn’t approve of would be removed. So we, at one stage we did actually in the journal put two things side by side, the – the heading of the paper in Nature and the heading in the Russian copy of it, just to show that really this sort of thing did happen in those days.
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  • Date of interview 2/2/2012
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