Desmond Morris

Desmond Morris (1928-), zoologist, applied the methods of ethology in the study of human behaviour, first published in his bestselling The Naked Ape (1967).  In 1951, following a degree at the University of Birmingham, he joined Niko Tinbergen's animal behaviour research group the University of Oxford, working on his PhD on reproductive behaviour in sticklebacks.  Between the 1956 and 1968he worked in television science - initially as Head of the Granada Television and Film Unit at the Zoological Society of London - writing and presenting Granada's 'Zootime' and BBC2 'Life in the Animal World'.  Alongside research and popular science writing, Desmond Morris has pursued a successful, part-time career as a surrealist painter.    

  • Birth name Desmond Morris
  • Born Purton, Wiltshire, UK
  • Occupation Zoologist
  • Disciplines Zoology
  • Education University of Birmingham; University of Oxford

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