Frank Raynor

Frank Raynor (1922- ), scientific instrument technician, spent most of his career working on instrumentation to support British nuclear research. He initially worked as an electrician before joining the nuclear instrument group at the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment at Aldermaston. In the 1950s he worked on instrumentation at the British nuclear weapons tests in Australia and the Pacific, including thefirst, Operation Hurricane, and the later Grapple series of H-bomb tests. In 1958 he moved to the Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell to design equipment for research scientists. He was later transferred to the Culham nuclear laboratories where he headed the Electronics Service Group which built prototype equipment for manufacture by contractors and provided support services for nuclear scientists. After his retirement in 1986 he continued a lifetimes' interest in electronics and enjoyed exploring the British countryside.

  • Birth name Frank Raynor
  • Born 1922 Lincolnshire, UK
  • Occupation Technician
  • Disciplines Scientific Instruments
  • Education Apprentice at Electrical Installations Ltd

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