Janet Thomson: British Antarctic Survey open days

Janet Thomson recalls her participation in British Antarctic Survey open days in the late 1970s and 1980s.

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I mean there is a lot of work involved, and people used to groan whenever the director mentioned [laughs] having another Open Day. I know there was one in ’86, I think, but I am sure that there must have been an intervening one. In fact, yes, there was. It was not long after I had started doing the geological maps in the late ‘70s, erm, and I had to stand around, hoping that somebody would be interested enough in a geological map to stop and ask questions. I didn’t particularly enjoy the experience of standing around and waiting for somebody to [laughs] ask questions, but, you know, one had to, if you wanted your science to be on display. So, hmm, I did. And we certainly had one in ’86 and then there was another in ’89 when the new extension was opened, again by the Duke of Edinburgh. They probably were every four or five years, or something.

  • Interviewee Janet Thomson
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  • Date of interview 5/27/2010
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