John Coplin: career support of wife

John Coplin recalls his wife Jean's role in supporting his career.

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We did do a fair amount of entertaining here of the airline people – not of Rolls-Royce people but of airline people. When they were over here they were often here several days, so rather than – I mean, of course we did take them out to restaurants and we did do special things in the Rolls-Royce guesthouse. But often there would be just one or two and they’d perhaps bring their - you know, at the right time they’d bring their wife over and so on, so we were able to do a little bit of socialising. And Jean would take them, for example, to Crown Derby, to see other things that go on in the city of Derby, or go out into the countryside, see Chatsworth House or Haddon Hall or something of that sort. So, and this is a lesson that I, I really learned prior to, well, yes, prior to the time really on RB211, how important the socialising is in terms of getting the mutual trust right. You know, if you understand me and you understand my family and I understand you and your family and your background, then it’s a very good platform for us trusting each other. If you just dropped in from space and I know nothing about you, how do I know you’re not a bad guy in – in disguise? Well, of course you’re not, but there’s a certain amount of time.

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  • Date of interview 6/6/2011
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