John Glen: ice as a part of God's Creation

John Glen describes his own view of ice as part of God's Creation.

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When you see sort of the arrangement of crystals in ice, or the behaviour of molecules within, is there any effect of believing in [God]? 

Well one believes in an ordered universe. And I think, erm, I think well God has created an ordered universe, a universe which is at some level comprehensible. Erm … 

How conscious were you when looking within ice, at its structure, how conscious were you of looking at one part of a divinely ordered universe? How conscious of it at the time that you were looking at it? 

I think it underpins my thoughts about it. But I don’t think, I mean [sighs] I did have a folder round my thesis as I was writing it, with a couple of verses from Scripture on it, ‘He sendeth forth His ice: like morsels who can abide His frost’. But I just put that there to, you know, indicate that ice and frost does occur in the Bible. 

You had a folder around?

Well it was just a – yes, a sort of bit of card I think, or something like that. 

Oh, actually in the submitted thesis?

No, no, no. This was round it before I’d finished it, while I was writing it. The folder it was in. But I mean I did do that, but I don’t know that that consciously shows that I thought about it particularly differently. Wouldn’t have said it did. 

Hmm. How consciously is doing science then, erm, an act of exploring God’s ordered universe? In other words trying to – 

Oh, that’s what – that’s what I believe it is, and I think in that sense it is a sort of divine calling. God has made us intelligent, we’re meant to use our intelligence to understand His universe and discover how beautiful and wonderfully ordered it is.

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