John Nye: unravelable nature

John Nye comments on the non-spiritual mystery of an understandable universe.

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As for understanding nature, I find that a rather high flown description of anything that I would do. Yes, I am interested in it, I mean I don’t think it’s anything whatever to do with creation by God. But, erm … nature does exist and there’s some very mysterious things about it. I mean the most mysterious thing, if we’re going to get very – very deep into this, is that it’s intelligible at all. I mean why shouldn’t it be just total chaos? But for some reason things are unravelable, you can actually look at them and find that they’re put together in what we perceive as a logical way. And I mean that’s always been, and maybe always will be, a tremendous mystery. It’s why science is possible. So what one’s doing, really, is probing at little corners of this great mystery.

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  • Date of interview 8/3/2010
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