Julia King

Julia King (1954-) materials scientist and manager, completed a PhD in materials science at the University of Cambridge before carrying out research on fatigue and fracture in structural materials there and at the University of Nottingham.  She joined Rolls-Royce as head of the materials laboratory in 1994 and after a series of managerial roles with the company she directed theInstitute of Physics before returning to academia as Principal of the Engineering Faculty at Imperial College, London. In December 2006 she became Vice-Chancellor of Aston University. She has regularly acted as an advisor to government on technology and education and in 2007 led the King Review of future technologies that might reduce carbon emissions from road transport.

  • Birth name Julia King
  • Born 1954 London, UK
  • Occupation Materials scientist
  • Disciplines Materials Science, Science Management
  • Education New Hall, University of Cambridge

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