Julia King: science and religion

Julia King discusses her view on science and religion, and accidentally attending religious meetings.

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I somehow was … was somebody who the evangelical Christian – there were various evangelical Christian groups in Cambridge at the time, in the colleges, and I – in fact I used quite frequently to get invited by them to their meetings. And I never twigged until I’d got there what it was that I was going to. You used to get invited for tea. And I remember a number of occasions, sitting in somebody’s room, having tea and cakes and sort of sitting around in a circle and chatting away, and then at some point somebody would say something like, ‘And when did you see the light?’ And we would start going round the circle and – and I would suddenly realise it was getting closer and closer to me and I had to find a reason to leave urgently [laughs]. And I – I got – I found myself in that situations, I must – on a number of occasions in my first year and I never saw it coming [laughs]. I sort of felt that – I didn’t find it compatible with being a scientist because I feel as a scientist you shouldn’t believe things, you should test them. And anything that at some point says you have to say I believe, I found worrying. I thought, no, you should be explaining your – what’s the set of experiments you’re going to do to demonstrate the foundation for that. That belief should have a foundation that can be rationally tested.

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