Julia Slingo: the personal rewards of socially useful meteorology

Julia Slingo comments on the satisfactions of using science to help others, in the case of weather forecasting.

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So I suppose I’ve always been a scientist who likes to see science being translated into something that’s – that people can use or is of benefit to society. So that’s always been something that’s interested me rather than science for science sake.

Why do you think that is, that preference?

I suppose you know I’m quite a people sort of person, I like doing things that help people and I suppose I get – I get personal rewards from seeing something that I have done helping somebody else have a better experience or a better way of life or whatever. And so that idea of that, you know, particularly in meteorology that translation immediately of the science into a real application that has real relevance every day of our lives is very interesting for me and I find it very rewarding. 

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  • Date of interview 11/2/2011
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