Mark Richards

Mark Richards, born in 1970 in Nottingham, is a Senior Teaching Fellow in the Department of Physics, Imperial College, London. His research into wireless air sensing networks for real-time pollution mapping is linked to his role as co-founder and director of Duvas Technologies Ltd. Mark’s parents emigrated from Jamaica in the 1960s. Following secondary and further education at a comprehensiveschool in Nottingham, Mark read chemistry at the University of Manchester, 1988-1991. He worked as Technical Sales Officer in spectroscopy for Perkin Elmer and then completed a PhD at Imperial College on ‘High Resolution Spectroscopic Analysis of Trace Atmospheric Gases’, 1994-1998. His next post in science in 2002 was as a post doctoral researcher in an Imperial College ‘Technology Transfer Program’, leading to the formation of Duvas Technologies in 2008. Mark is involved in a number of equal opportunities and schools ‘outreach’ activities and was involved in Tony Sewell’s ‘Generating Genius’ programme. He also DJs and remixes as DJ Kemist, with his own independent label Xtremix Records.

  • Birth name Mark Richards
  • Born 1970, Nottingham
  • Occupation Physicist
  • Disciplines Physics
  • Education University of Manchester, Imperial College London

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