Mike Baillie: evidence of comets in tree rings

Mike Baillie considers the causes of environmental downturns recorded by tree rings, including the 540 AD event.

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I think it’s fair to say that it is now widely accepted that there was a global environmental downturn between 536 and 550, and I don’t think anyone’s arguing that that is the case and they accept that tree rings are indicating that. The causes are still up for grabs in the sense of ice core work has now put clear evidence for volcanoes into the decade of the 530s, but the question is how good are the ice core dates? Could it be that there are two big volcanoes in 536 and 540 ’41, and that’s what caused this two stage effect? Or was there a big volcano in 536 and something else in 540? And of course if it’s something extra then it’s an extraterrestrial impact of some kind. Because in the meantime mythology shows that there’s all the evidence of a – of a cometary connection to – to the 540 part of the event.
  • Interviewee Mike Baillie
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  • Date of interview 8/21/2012
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