Mike Hall

Mike Hall (1947-), technician and laboratory manager, joined the University of Cambridge’s Botany School as a technician after O Levels in 1963, with day-release for further education in physics. In the Botany School’s Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory he helped to improve methods for the measurement of the carbon isotope ratios of samples of carbon dioxide collected from burnt organic material. Between1969 and 2006, Mike worked with Nicholas Shackleton to determine the sequence of glacial and interglacial periods in Earth history by using instruments called ‘mass spectrometers’ to measure the composition of shells of sea creatures called foraminifera in cores of deep ocean sediment. Between 2006 and his retirement in 2012, Mike continued as manager of the Godwin Laboratory for Palaeoclimate Research.

  • Birth name Mike Hall
  • Born 1924 Cambridge, UK
  • Occupation Laboratory manager
  • Disciplines Climate History

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