Nigel Bell

Nigel Bell (1943-), environmental scientist, has led studies in Britain of the direct and indirect effects on plants of atmospheric pollution. He has spent most of his career at Imperial College, London, often working at the Silwood Park experimental station. Here, in the early 1970s, he conducted some of the first experiments on the effects of sulphur dioxide on ryegrass.Later in the decade he and two colleagues found widespread ozone pollution across the British Isles using tobacco plants as indicators. He has also been central to the development in Britain of the sub-discipline of radioecology, concerned with the uptake of radioactive atoms by plants. More recent work has focused on nitrogen pollutants in Britain and air pollution effects in India, Pakistan, Egypt, Brazil and South Africa. Nigel directed Imperial College’s interdisciplinary Centre for Environmental Technology, between 1980 and 1994, and has served on a number of UK Government Select Committee Inquiries, including that into acid rain (1984) and effects of Chernobyl fallout in upland Britain (1988).

  • Birth name Nigel Bell
  • Born 1943 Derby, UK
  • Occupation Environmental scientist
  • Disciplines Atmospheric Science
  • Education University of Manchester

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