Ray Wheeler

Ray Wheeler (1927-), aeronautical engineer, worked on a range of aircraft, rocket and hovercraft projects during his career at Saunders Roe, British Hovercraft Corporation, and Westland. In his early career he worked on the SRA-1 and Princess flying boats, SR-53 and SR-177 combined jet and rocket powered fighter aircraft, and developed his expertise as a stressman. Later he worked onhovercraft as well as on the Black Knight and Black Arrow rockets. In 1966 he became chief designer at East Cowes and continued to play a role in a range of rocket and defence projects carried out by Saunders Roe and its successors. In retirement he is active in the local community and has written extensively on the history of Saunders-Roe.

  • Birth name Ray Wheeler
  • Born 1927 London, UK
  • Occupation Aeronautical engineer
  • Disciplines Aeronautical Engineering, Space Science and Engineering
  • Education University College, Southampton

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