Richard West: 'kitchen science' at home

Richard West comments on 'kitchen science' conducted at home in Cambridgeshire since his retirement from the University of Cambridge in 1991.

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What has been the effect of not having access to, I don’t know, university equipment or –

It made no difference at all to me [laughs]. I can do all this at very low cost. I don’t need a grant. I can do it all at home. I call it 'kitchen science'. Of course, when it’s published I may be subject to ribald humour, I don’t know. I’ve got to see a proper sedimentologist just to make quite sure I’m not dropping huge bricks in sedimentology. I don’t think I am. I think I can work out how much sand was deposited on the Breckland during one year with all these lake sediments. No, I think normally if you’re in post you’re – so much of your university time is taken up with committee work, going to meetings, teaching, trying to get money for research, but I can do all the things I need to do with the aid of a low power microscope and these measuring cylinders, sorting out sediment.

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