Richard West: public relations in the field

A tractor driver working in Beachamwell, Norfolk recalls meeting and discussing local environmental change with Professor Richard West.

I work on a local farm and that’s how I came to meet Mr West. I was working on the field and this old boy was wandering about with some papers in his hand; I thought what’s he doing? So, as you do, sort of, ‘What you doing here?’ And he told me that he was doing his geological study and I say, ‘Well, I’ve got some photographs what you might to look at,’ because in my spare time I’m a glider pilot, and er, I’ve just taken photographs in general mainly because I work in this area and that does really show up any mistakes when you take an aerial photo.

And what has Richard been interested in, in terms of your childhood experience of this place?

Well, the changes what have happened has interested him quite a bit. Because the old sandpits what we used to play in and the gravel pits and that, they’ve all been destroyed, and obviously because he likes to look into the gravels and the substrata and that, he would've liked to have – probably liked to had a look into the gravel pits.

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