Ron Bridle

Ron Bridle (1930-), civil engineer, began his career in highway construction in South Wales in 1953, before leaving for the Gold Coast, now Ghana. After his return in 1956, he worked on road schemes in South Wales and became an early advocate of using computers in civil engineering. In 1960 he transferred to the North of England, to work onthe motorway programme, before becoming Director of the Midlands Road Construction Unit in 1967. This was followed by a series of senior positions in the Ministry of Transport, including that of Chief Highway Engineer in 1976, and later Controller of Research and Development at the Transport Research Laboratory. After retirement in 1984, he worked as a consultant and helped to establish the Motorway Archive.

  • Birth name Ron Bridle
  • Born 1930 Monmouthshire, UK
  • Occupation Civil engineer
  • Disciplines Civil Engineering
  • Education University of Bristol

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