Roy Gibson

Roy Gibson (1924-), scientific manager, served as first Director General of the European Space Agency from 1975-1980 and as first Director of the British National Space Centre, 1985 – 1987. After service on Lord Mountbatten’s staff in the Far East during World War Two, Gibson’s early career was spent serving in the Colonial Civil Service during the “Malayan Emergency”, beforehe returned to the UK and a post in the Atomic Energy Authority. After joining the European Space Research Organisation (ESRO) in 1967 he served this and its successor organisations in a number of posts, before becoming Director General. In 1975 he was the first Director General of the European Space Agency (ESA), playing an important role in establishing the new agency on a stable footing. In retirement he has continued to act as a consultant to national governments, international organisations and private companies.

  • Birth name Roy Gibson
  • Born 1924 Manchester, UK
  • Occupation Science manager
  • Disciplines Science Management, Space Science and Engineering
  • Education Short course for Colonial Civil Servants at University of Oxford, London School of Economics, School of Oriental and African Studies

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