Steve Furber

Steve Furber (1953-), computer scientist, developed his interest in computer hardware during a degree in mathematics and a PhD in aerodynamics at the University of Cambridge. He began working on the development of computer hardware for Acorn Computers in his spare time, where he did much of the hardware design of the BBC Microcomputer. After joining Acorn full-time, he ledthe design of the first ARM microprocessor, with Sophie Wilson. ARM used a new RISC architecture, to produce a radically different type of processor that was more efficient and had lower energy consumption than earlier designs. Today billions of ARM chips are made annually and they are found in most of the world’s mobile phones. Furber became a professor at the University of Manchester in 1990, where he continues to develop innovative types of computer processor. His latest project, SpiNNaker, will create a computer that simulates the human brain.

  • Birth name Steve Furber
  • Born 1953 Manchester, UK
  • Occupation Computer scientist
  • Disciplines Computer Hardware
  • Education St John's College, University of Cambridge

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