Steven Rose

Steven Rose (1938-), neurobiologist, has advanced understanding of the processes of learning and memory through experimental work with chicks.  His PhD in biochemistry was followed by postdoctoral work with Hans Krebs at the University of Oxford and then Ernst Chain at Imperial College London.  In 1969 he was appointed as Professor of Biology in the then new Open University, basedin Milton Keynes.  Since the 1960s, often in collaboration with his wife, the sociologist Hilary Rose, he has been actively involved in national and international political debates and campaigns.  As far as science is concerned, he has argued for positive and democratic relations between science and society - in part through the work of the British Society for Social Responsibility in Science which he co-founded in 1969 - and has written and spoken against uses of science in deterministic and reductionist, including racist, conceptions of human life and society.

  • Birth name Steven Rose
  • Born 1938 London, UK
  • Occupation University Professor
  • Disciplines Neurobiology, Biochemistry
  • Education University of Cambridge; Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London

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