Tom Jackson: paranormal experiments with Alec Reeve

Tom Jackson recalls experiments into the power of thought with Alec Reeve at STL.

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One of the things I remember you mentioning in passing last time was experiments around Alec Reeves’ interest in the paranormal.

Oh yes.  That happened sometimes when he was in STL, in, you know, coming into the labs.  There were several labs and he would be in one and he would have this, not a pedestal, I don’t think.  It was on the lab desk – it was a rotating thing.  There was a flow of air, and it circulated and he was supposed to be able to think and stop it.  He never did. And my job at the time [laughs] for that was to stand – sit by this and see whether it did stop. 

Where was Reeves when he was thinking about these things?

In a room down the corridor [laughs].

Did he ever get anywhere, do you know?

No, no.

  • Interviewee Tom Jackson
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  • Interviewer Thomas Lean
  • Date of interview 9/11/2013
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