Tony Brooker

Tony Brooker (1925-), computer scientist, produced the one of the earliest high-level computer languages, the Mark 1 Autocode, in 1954 whilst working at the University of Manchester. Autocodes were simplified coding systems intended to make programming easier for users and manage the memory stores of early computers. Brooker later developed new versions of Autocode for the Mercury and Atlas computers.He also originated the idea of the compiler-compiler, a useful tool in the development of programming languages. In 1967 he moved to Essex University to establish the Computer Centre and a new undergraduate course in Computer Science. After retirement in 1988 he continued to work on programming languages and has enjoyed sailing.

  • Birth name Ralph Anthony Brooker
  • Born 1925 London, UK
  • Occupation Computer scientist
  • Disciplines Computer Software
  • Education Imperial College, London

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