The War of the Worlds

A scientific romance by H G Wells (1866-1946), published in 1898. A terrifying fable, the novel was written at a time when there were widespread concerns about potential foreign attacks. H G Wells was warning late-Victorian readers against complacency. The unnamed narrator describes the discovery of a mysterious cylinder. Ruthless Martians emerge from it, and the arrival of more aliens brings increasing chaos. Hapless humans are compared to ‘a confusion of ants’. The situation becomes desperate: some survivors hide; others try to leave the country. In 1938 Orson Welles’s adaptation of the novel for radio caused havoc when listeners assumed America was being invaded.

H G Wells
Victorian literature
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Article by:
Matthew Taunton
The middle classes

Dr Matthew Taunton takes us through 19th-century suburbia, showing how aspirations to respectability led the Victorian lower-middle class away from political involvement. The homogeneity and apathy of the suburbs provided rich satire for writers, as well as a setting for dystopian and science fiction.

An introduction to The War of the Worlds

Article by:
Iain Sinclair
London, Fin de siècle, Power and politics, Visions of the future

Writer Iain Sinclair discusses how H G Wells’s The War of the Worlds disturbed the public by combining journalistic sensationalism, scientific fantasy, suburban mundanity and fears of invasion.

An introduction to The Island of Dr. Moreau: science, sensation and degeneration

Article by:
Roger Luckhurst
Fin de siècle, Visions of the future

Roger Luckhurst looks at H G Wells’s The Island of Dr. Moreau as a text that both provoked and explored feelings of disgust, reflecting late-Victorian questions and fears about vivisection, cannibalism and evolutionary degeneration.

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