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  • 'Lullaby'

    Created by: W H Auden

    In the words of John Fuller, this poem – one of W H Auden’s most highly regarded love lyrics – ‘achieves the beauty of i...

  • 'Musee des Beaux Arts'

    Created by: W H Auden

    W H Auden was in Brussels in 1938. As he explains in a letter of 31 August to his friend Mrs Dodds – wife of Professor E...

  • 'Stop all the clocks'

    Created by: W H Auden

    ‘Stop all the clocks’ originates from a two-act play W H Auden wrote with the novelist Christopher Isherwood, The Ascent...

  • 'The Shield of Achilles'

    Created by: W H Auden

    W H Auden’s ‘The Shield of Achilles’, written in 1952, is also the title poem of the collection in which it was publishe...

  • 'Their Lonely Betters'

    Created by: W H Auden

    ‘Their Lonely Betters’ is a short, four-stanza lyric poem by W H Auden. It was probably written in 1950, linking the dev...