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It'll not take you long for to learn a lile bit Cumbrian dialect grammar

28 May 2015

Jonnie Robinson, Lead Curator of Spoken English writes: This month we've uploaded linguistic descriptions of conversations about local speech in Barrow-in-Furness, Brampton, Kirkoswald, Sedbergh and Workington. Together they constitute the set of BBC Voices Recordings made by BBC Radio Cumbria....

Spare Rib Magazine enters the digital age

28 May 2015

From today, every edition of Spare Rib magazine will be available to be viewed by anyone online for free. This project began back in June 2013 when, partly inspired by the positive response to the British Library’s Women’s Liberation Movement...

The unfortunate Matthewman; how a bookbinder failed against all the odds

28 May 2015

If a lowly bookbinder in Victorian London acquired a wealthy patron who needed hundreds of books bound, his business was surely set up for life. How then did John Matthewman who worked for the prosperous Dissenter and Republican Thomas Hollis...

Digital Conversations @ BL: Digital Music Analysis

27 May 2015

Last week the BL Digital Research team organised another Digital Conversations event to discuss research projects and trends on digital music analysis. The theme couldn’t be more timely as we just heard the news that the Library has been awarded...

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