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A Calendar Page for February 2015

01 February 2015

To find out more about the London Rothschild Hours, take a look at our post A Calendar Page for January 2015. Calendar page for February, with decorative border comprising a Zodiac sign, four roundels and bas-de-page scene, from the London...

CMI Management Book of the Year

30 January 2015

We’re looking forward to announcing the winners of the CMI Management Book of the Year at the Awards Evening here at the British Library on Monday 9 February 2015. The competition aims to celebrate the best of management and leadership...

So now you know!

30 January 2015

King George III's Topographical Collection illustrates Birmingham's dynamic expansion between about 1680 and 1824 with important and rare plans and views, both printed and hand-drawn. Thanks to George III's enthusiasm for ephemera, however, it also includes this advertisement of about...

New Brazilian Acquisitions

30 January 2015

As you might have guessed from the title of this blog, I thought it would be good to dedicate my first blog in 2015 to some of the exciting new Brazilian items that we have acquired for the collection. They...

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