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The Growth of the Beard

27 March 2015

All the media assure us we are living in a new age of the beard. A landmark in pogonology is the pioneer study A Barba em Portugal. Estudo de etnografia comparativa [The Beard in Portugal. A Study in Comparative Ethnography]...

Britain’s ‘Interest’ in Bahrain

27 March 2015

In 1783, the Al Khalifa family – originally from the Nejd region of what is now Saudi Arabia – captured the islands of Bahrain from Shaikh Nasr Al Madhkur, who had ruled them on behalf of the Qajar dynasty of...

Gandhi’s Salt March, Part 2: 20-26 March 1930

27 March 2015

We continue our look at Gandhi’s famous salt march, with a telegram from the Governor of Bombay on 20 March 1930. In it he indicates that Gandhi was raising the stakes in provoking Government action. It was reported that in...

Marking the Centenary of Virginia Woolf’s first novel: The Voyage Out.

26 March 2015

This month marks the centenary of the publication of Virginia Woolf’s first novel The Voyage Out. The novel was published by Duckworth & Co. on the 26 March 1915 in an edition of 2,000 copies. It follows the development of...

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