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Turning research questions into computational queries: outputs from the 'Enabling Complex Analysis of Large Scale Digital Collections' project

03 July 2015

'Enabling Complex Analysis of Large Scale Digital Collections', a project funded by the Jisc Research Data Spring, empowers researchers to turn their research questions into computational queries and gathers social and technical requirements for infrastructures and services that allow computational...

British Library Imaging Studio – opening up our collections

03 July 2015

In a quiet seaside town on the northern coast of Crete, a plaque affixed above the lintel of a deserted building silently states “Σήμερον εμού, αύριον ετέρου”: Today it is mine, tomorrow someone else’s. This statement remains a haunting reminder...

Two film screenings and Conference on Audio-Visual Archives at the British Library, 17-19 July 2015

02 July 2015

The School of Music at the University of Leeds and the British Library will host a conference, Audio-Visual Archives, at the British Library on 18-19 July 2015. In addition we will screen two films, Still Alice (2014) on Friday 17...

West Africa: Word, Symbol, Song

02 July 2015

As the 'Africa Writes' festival comes to the Library this weekend and we celebrate literature from the continent, we are also thrilled that tickets are now available for our major autumn exhibition, 'West Africa: World, Symbol, Song' which opens on...

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