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A Medieval Medical Marvel

01 April 2015

A medieval potion, described in a 1000 year-old manuscript kept at the British Library, has recently been shown to have 'astonishing' antibiotic properties, capable of defeating the 'superbug' MRSA. Boudewijn Dominicus looks at the science behind this 'ancientbiotic'. Medieval medicine...

Team Americas, redux

01 April 2015

A slight deviation from the usual posts focussed on our collections today. It is the 1 April, which means that as well as the discovery of unicorn cook books and other tall stories, it is the start of the financial...

Every Day is Fools’ Day

01 April 2015

Today being the first of April someone is probably going to try and make a fool of you, whether by making you act foolishly (trying to pick up the coin glued to the floor, bending to tie your perfectly-fastened shoelace)...

Jolly japes for All Fools’ Day!

01 April 2015

The first day of April is All Fools’ Day when it is customary to play tricks on others. Writing in the 1820s, William Hone described some ‘jocular deceptions’ practised by children. A boy would shout out at a passer-by: ‘Sir,...

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