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New Deal Teaching Session

01 December 2015

(N.B. This post includes reference to the complexities of racial language of the 1920s). As part of its mission to promote access to and use of the North American collections of the British Library, the Eccles Centre is once again...

Spare Rib Magazine Update

01 December 2015

Since launching the Spare Rib digital site in May, we have been hard at work seeking further contributions to the ground-breaking feminist magazine, which is freely available for researchers, campaigners and all those interested in the magazine via Jisc Collections....

Two bad boys, seven pranks and one children’s classic

01 December 2015

The British Library is currently marking the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland with an exhibition, but Alice is not the only children’s classic to turn 150 this year. In Germany the focus has been on Wilhelm Busch’s much-loved Max...

A Calendar Page for December 2015

01 December 2015

To find out more about the London Rothschild Hours, take a look at our post A Calendar Page for January 2015. Calendar page for December, with decorative border comprising a Zodiac sign, roundels, and bas-de-page scene, from the London Rothschild...

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