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'The French Language Runs Throughout The World’

04 August 2015

Today we feature a guest-post by members of the AHRC-sponsored project, Medieval Francophone Literary Culture Outside France, a partnership between King's College London, University College London and the University of Cambridge, working with the British Library. Several of the project's...

Call of the Wild: Animal Tales

03 August 2015

our latest exhibition, Animal Tales, opens on Friday (7 Aug), offering a menagerie of wild beasts, companionable pets, and the sounds of ocean creatives and birds set among a mini-forest of trees, all nestling under the Grade I-listed King's Library Tower. - See more at:

Arming for the Armada? A 16th-century German view of Drake

03 August 2015

In late July and early August 1588, English ships were skirmishing in the Channel against the Spanish Armada, the naval invasion force sent against England by Philip II of Spain. Probably the best known of the English captains then, and...

Help Us Decipher This Inscription

03 August 2015

Visitors to Magna Carta: Law, Liberty, Legacy may have noticed that we have one or two objects on display, in addition to the many manuscripts and documents telling Magna Carta's 800-year-old story. One of those objects is a double-edged sword,...

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