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Constitution 3 May 1791

03 May 2015

In the 18th century Poland (a short term for the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth) was gradually falling into the sphere of influence of neighbouring countries: Russia, Prussia and Austria. The previous century’s conflicts with Sweden, Russia and Turkey, and the Cossack rebellions...

Off the Wall Fridays

01 May 2015

Above: the Globe kittens, from our 2012 Picturing Canada work [BL: HS85/10/13446] The end of the week will see something a little different on the Team Americas blog from now on. We've got a whole heap of digital content that...

European Literature Night: a vote for Europe?

01 May 2015

In a new guest post for European Literature Night 2015 Rosie Goldsmith, presenter of the authors’ event and chair of the judging panel, casts her vote for European Literature. It will hardly have escaped your notice that we are in...

Indian soldier's letter to a friend, 1 May 1915

01 May 2015

Today Untold Lives features another in our series of postings focusing on extracts from letters written by Indian soldiers serving in France, or recovering from their wounds in the Indian hospitals in England. In his report for the week ending...

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