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Saint David’s Day

01 March 2015

Today we share with you a short poem published in the Gloucester Citizen on 1 March 1904. The author is ‘A.B.E.’ of Gloucester. Can any of our readers identify the poet so we can bring them out of the shadows?...

A Calendar Page for March 2015

01 March 2015

To find out more about the London Rothschild Hours, take a look at our post A Calendar Page for January 2015. Calendar page for March, with decorative border comprising a Zodiac sign, architectural column and suspended roundel, and bas-de-page scene,...

Propaganda and Ideology in Everyday Life

27 February 2015

This week, we announced our new online course Propaganda and Ideology in Everyday Life. This is the first online course of its type that is using the Library's collections, and we are developing and delivering it with the Centre for...

In Conversation with Kell Ryan: The Ryanair Story

27 February 2015

We had the unique opportunity to hear from Kell Ryan, co-founder of Ryanair, about how he and his brother revolutionised air travel in Europe.

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