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What's the catch?

30 June 2015

On 23rd June the British Library hosted its 29th TalkScience event entitled ‘Fishing and marine protection: What’s the catch?’ For anyone who missed the event you can now watch the whole thing on Youtube. We have also summarised the highlights below.

Never use your employer’s printing office for your own writings

30 June 2015

The Treaty of Amiens which ended the war between Britain, France, The Batavian Republic and Spain, prompted the Dutch to attempt to reclaim, amongst others, the Cape Colony in Southern Africa. A former possession of the Dutch East India Company,...

Break of service

30 June 2015

As Wimbledon fortnight swings into action, spare a thought for poor Thomas Tomkins who died at Madras in 1834 because of tennis. The Madras Club was founded in 1832. 800 members had enrolled by the time of the second general...

Panji stories in Malay

29 June 2015

Stories of the Javanese culture hero Prince Panji probably date from around the 13th century, and mark the development of a truly Javanese literature no longer overshadowed by the great Indian epics the Ramayana and Mahabharata. Set around the Javanese...

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