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Gardens, tunnels and the riverbanks of Oxford: sourcing sounds for Alice's Adventures Off the Map

05 March 2015

For the third year running, the British Library has teamed up with the wonderful people at GameCity to offer students in UK Higher Education the chance to create digital games inspired by some of our collection items. The theme for...

St Piran’s Day

05 March 2015

Today is St Piran’s Day. Celebrations take place throughout Cornwall every year on 5 March in memory of this Cornish patron saint. St Piran was born in Ireland in the 5th century. Legend has it that he was thrown off...

Collaboration and Customisation: The Evolution of a Royal Book

05 March 2015

As we draw to the end of Paris fashion week, let us turn to a manuscript that exudes the best of Parisian style. The haute couture of book illumination, this glorious Book of Hours showcases the work of the French...

To boldly go…

04 March 2015

Katie Howe introduces our upcoming TalkScience@BL event: “Science in extreme environments: where research meets exploration?”. More information and tickets are available here. Scientists travel to the tops of mountains, the polar regions and even outer space in order to conduct...

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