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Spiked fiddles from Mongolia

31 July 2015

31st July is Uncommon Musical Instrument...

Happy Uncommon Musical Instrument Appreciation Day!

31 July 2015

As we are sure you are all aware, today is Uncommon Musical Instrument Appreciation Day, the day on which we are urged to take time to think about the rare and unusual instruments that have gone obsolete, or are otherwise...

John Lovejoy, bookbinding tyrant

30 July 2015

What changed bookbinder John Lovejoy, “a good looking, full-bodied, red-faced, dark haired man… with a great business” into “The Tyrant”? In the 1770s London bookbinders tended to work longer than other craftsmen. One binder, John Lovejoy, (1749-1818) took it upon...

On the road: some user guides to libraries and archives

30 July 2015

Over the last couple of years I have been tweeting the many notifications that I have received on users' experiences of archives and libraries. Even if an institution has its own website, readers' impressions can be very helpful. Twitter, however,...

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