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Opening the coffin of King Charles I

30 January 2015

King Charles I was beheaded on 30 January 1649 outside Banqueting House in Whitehall. His embalmed body was put into a coffin and taken to St James’s. Parliament then gave permission for the King to be buried in the Chapel...

Akbar's horoscopes: how to become a Leo if you are not

30 January 2015

Editor: On 31 October 2014 we held a successful one-day symposium ʻBritish Library Persian Manuscripts: Collections and Researchʼ at which Dr. Stephan Popp of the Institut für Iranistik, Vienna spoke on ʻHoroscopes as propaganda under Akbar and Shāh Jahānʼ. Although...

Picaguess: a prototype crowdsourcing app from the British Library Big Data Experiment

29 January 2015

The British Library Big Data Experiment is an ongoing collaboration between British Library Digital Research and UCL Department of Computer Science (UCLCS), facilitated by UCL Centre for Digital Humanities (UCLDH), that enables and engages students in computer science with humanities...

Inaugural National Life Stories Goodison Fellowship Award focuses on the history of food.

29 January 2015

Within living memory the food we eat, the way it’s produced and how it’s sold has changed out of all recognition. Up until 1957 only 20% of homes had fridges, food was purchased daily from local high-street shops and tastes...

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