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Unlocking the Growth Mindset for SMEs

06 May 2015

What does innovation look like? It’s a key question for SMEs looking to grow, but one that can be hard to make the time to address when busy keeping on top of day-to-day business needs.

Woman in Green

06 May 2015

In another guest post for European Literature Night 2015, the Danish author Naja Marie Aidt, appearing at the writers’ event, reflects on grief and literature. Naja Marie Aidt In late February I walked the streets of Manhattan and came across...

Five years of Broadcast News

06 May 2015

Five years ago to this day, at 21:55, we threw on the switches for the first official television and radio news recordings for our Broadcast news service. It was, of course, the day of the General Election, and we decided...

Register for the Magna Carta Conference

06 May 2015

The British Library has been a partner in the Magna Carta Project since 2012. This AHRC-funded research project culminates this summer in a three-day conference in London in the week of the 800th anniversary of the granting of Magna Carta....

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