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A Group of Sikh Miniatures on Ivory

10 February 2016

This post describes an early group of portraits on ivory of Sikh rulers and others dating from the 1840s

On the Trail of Some Missing Gospel Fragments

09 February 2016

The Charm of Departmental Archives We all like and value readers’ enquiries. Although investigating old registers, departmental papers and minutes may not seem to be the summit of curatorial work, enquiries are always carefully researched and answered and – as...

Poetic Places App Launch Event

09 February 2016

This is a guest post by Sarah Cole, the British Library’s current Creative Entrepreneur-in-Residence. Sarah is working on a project called Poetic Places, which explores relationships between literary geographies, cultural heritage collections, and real world environments, via the creation of...

PhD placement in Science in Society at the British Library

09 February 2016

Applications now open The British Library is currently running a series of 3-month (or PT equivalent) PhD Placements, to be hosted by specialist curatorial teams and other Library experts. Of the 17 placements on offer, this opportunity will be of...

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