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The Devil is in the Detail: A Thirteenth-Century Bible Moralisée

18 April 2015

Detail of a medallion with souls being taken by demons and placed in a cauldron, from a Bible moralisée, France (Paris), 2nd quarter of the 13th century, Harley MS 1526, f. 21r Bibles moralisées (‘Moralised Bibles’) were a source of...

Sonia Delaunay and Tristan Tzara

17 April 2015

The Sonia Delaunay exhibition which opened this week at Tate Modern shows her prodigious output over some seven decades. Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979) worked in a variety of media – paintings, drawings, prints, fashion and fabric designs, posters, mosaics, bookbindings, and...

Looking back on Digital Conversations: A Web of Rights

17 April 2015

In February, we welcomed Dr Martin Paul Eve, Jim Killock, Professor John Naughton, and Dr Joss Wright to the British Library to discuss how and in what ways the web has complicated, enhanced, and changed the rights of citizens for...

'Fifth rate accommodation' in Sharjah

16 April 2015

The Political Agent at Bahrain, Hugh Weightman, went on an official visit to the Trucial Coast in February 1940 to discuss the business of the British Overseas Airways Corporation. BOAC was the British state airline created in 1940 by the...

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