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Vengeful barbers and crime-fighting magicians

26 May 2015

This week Untold Lives brings you two tales of poisoning found in the annual reports of the Chemical Examiner to the Government of Madras for 1901 and 1902. Our first example concerns an overzealous attempt to catch a thief: IOR/P/6347...

The War Poet who wasn’t: Simon Gregorčič and the Soča Front

24 May 2015

May 24th marks the centenary of Italy’s entry into the Great War. In previous blog entries related to this event, I have focussed on the Isonzo/Soča Front, which bore the brunt of the first Italian military operations. For today’s entry,...

Waterloo and its legacy

23 May 2015

Shocking contemporaries and participants alike by the scale and carnage of the battle, Waterloo ended Napoleon’s imperial ambitions and helped to shape the political map of modern Europe. To commemorate the bicentenary of this momentous battle, leading academics and writers,...

When the French Invaded England

23 May 2015

By King John’s death in October 1216, England was in the midst of civil war, the eastern half of the kingdom controlled by those opposing the king. Following the papal annulment of Magna Carta, the rebel barons had invited Louis,...

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