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Tarrant's Seltzer Aperient

03 October 2015

The Library's ever-busy Mechanical Curator suggested this for the weekend. Good for keeping the 'blood cool and the brain clear'. Enjoy the rest of the book here. (Image from ‘Appletons’ Illustrated Hand-Book of American Cities … With outlines of through...

Michiel Adrianenszoon de Ruyter (1607-1676) Navigates the British Library

02 October 2015

Last week Thursday the Dutch Centre screened the film ‘Michiel de Ruyter’, or ‘Admiral’ in the English version, about the 17th Century admiral Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter, the Dutch Horatio Nelson. Michiel de Ruyter portrait. Painting by Ferdinant Bol 1667...

The ‘Blood Moon’ in a Thai manuscript

02 October 2015

On Monday 28 September the media was full of reports and images of the so-called ‘blood moon’ seen in the early hours, caused by a full lunar eclipse. This phenomenon was also described in a nineteenth-century Thai manuscript held in...

All Lies

01 October 2015

Today is the anniversary of Sir Edwin Landseer’s (1802-1873) death. One individual who, perhaps, might perhaps not have mourned Landseer’s earthly departure was his one-time friend and colleague, the engraver Charles George Lewis (1808-1880). Landseer was good friends with Lewis’s...

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