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Much Ado About…Possibly Something

28 April 2016

Conservator Flavio Marzo reports on his fascinating findings during the conservation of one of the books bearing the presumed signature of William Shakespeare. As it is now the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare and the British Library...

From poets to punk: Who is Barry Miles?

28 April 2016

Key counterculture figure, bookshop manager, editor, publisher, author, music journalist, archivist, biographer: all of this, and more, is Barry Miles, or just ‘Miles’, as he is better known. His archive, acquired by the British Library in 2013 and recently catalogued,...

The Trebnyk (1646) of the Metropolitan Petro Mohyla and its artistic design

28 April 2016

This year marks the 370th anniversary of the famous Trebnyk (Euchologion), created by the prominent reformer, Petro Mohyla and his associates, and published in the printing house of the Kyiv Monastery of Caves (Lavra). In the first part of the...

The Anglo-Burmese Handbook

28 April 2016

A working knowledge of local languages was a skill which the East India Company valued in its army officers. Cadets newly arrived in India were often taught Hindustani, and officers were encouraged to learn new languages, especially if required for...

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