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Conference: Visual Urbanisms

29 May 2015

Above: a view of Toronto's historic landscape [BL: HS85/10/35818] Team Americas were invited to take part in today's Visual Urbanisms conference in the Library's conference centre and there are few prizes for guessing what we talked about. Picturing Canada may...

Beginners Guide to Web Archives Part 1

29 May 2015

Arriving at the British Library as an intern, one of the tasks laid out before me was to create and curate a special collection for the UK web archive. To some readers of this blog this activity may seem fairly...

How the spy John Peyton put Poland on the map (to keep King James on the throne)

29 May 2015

Scholarship will always be indebted to George II, one of Britain’s least scholarly kings. In 1757 George boosted the reputation of the fledgling British Museum by donating some of the most precious books owned by his predecessors – 2,000 manuscripts...

Weird and wild monsters in the ocean’s dark depths: revelations from the Thai Mahajanaka Jataka

29 May 2015

The Mahajanaka Jataka is one of the last Ten Birth Tales of the Buddha, which are popular themes in Thai mural and manuscript painting. In Thai folding books (samut khoi), the Ten Birth Tales are often used to illustrate a...

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