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The Bard, the Bear and Bohemia: Shakespeare and the Czechs

06 May 2016

Travelling home from a screening of the recent Kenneth Branagh /Judi Dench Winter’s Tale in Oxford, I overheard a conversation between two other passengers who had also attended it. ‘Were there really bears in Bohemia?’ one of them was earnestly...

Success story: the @BL_Labs Roadshow (2016)

06 May 2016

The BL Labs Roadshow has been successfully completed for another year. Labs and members of the Digital Scholarship team visited 18 host institutions in the UK and Gothenburg, Sweden from February–April 2016, presenting to and collaborating with over 730 people...

The Scottish Play and the Real Macbeth

06 May 2016

Here at the British Library (writes Julian Harrison) we look after everything from early papyri to the state papers of Tudor monarchs. Our Printed Books colleagues care for no fewer than 5 copies of the Shakespeare First Folio, 2 of...

Fragments in bindings

05 May 2016

The conservation process is always a very special time for the item under repair. It is a time during which normally concealed elements of the object are exposed offering a unique opportunity to understand the processes involved in the making...

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