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The eCreative “Sound Connections” pilot nears completion

25 November 2014

Guest blog by Tom Miles, British Library's project manager on Europeana Creative. The Europeana Creative project - which began in February 2013, with the purpose of encouraging creative professionals to reuse content on Europeana – is about to complete its...

Turning our Olga Hirsch archive into a Fashion Collection with Maggie Semple

25 November 2014

The story of how Maggie Semple and fashion designer Laura Ralph were inspired by the British Library archive of Olga Hirsch decorated papers, and create a new fashion collection in response.

An umbrella with style and strength - the Senz° XL storm-proof

25 November 2014

It's looks alone were enough to demand the attention and curiosity of my colleagues. And it was certainly easy to spot amid the forest of standard umbrellas, drying in a corner of the office after a particularly wet morning commute....

Socio-Economic Developments since 1820

25 November 2014

Jerry Jenkins writes: While unpacking some parcels earlier in the month, Matthew Shaw, the North American Curator and I where comparing the contents of our respective parcels. I produced from my parcel an OECD title: How Was Life? Global Well-Being...

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