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To boldly go…

04 March 2015

Katie Howe introduces our upcoming TalkScience@BL event: “Science in extreme environments: where research meets exploration?”. More information and tickets are available here. Scientists travel to the tops of mountains, the polar regions and even outer space in order to conduct...

On novels and the art of writing them: the rules according to Anthony Trollope

04 March 2015

Anthony Trollope by Lock and Whitfield, British Library This year is the 200th anniversary of the birth of the novelist Anthony Trollope (1815-82). The British Library have marked the birth of this prolific 19th century author by mounting a display...

Authors' Lives: an oral history

04 March 2015

Last Thursday night, here at the British Library, Tony Harrison was announced as the 2015 winner of the David Cohen Prize for Literature. The accolade is given biennially, and rewards a lifetime’s achievement in writing. It considers all branches of...

Hiring – The Hardest Choice

04 March 2015

? We provide some advice on what can be one of the most agonising decisions to make as a business owner.

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