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How to research your local area

04 August 2015

In the Business & IP Centre we often get enquiries about how to research a particular geographical area. With an increasing interest in ‘keeping trade local’ and in the provenance of products, many start-ups are choosing to establish and market themselves as ‘local’ businesses - for instance working with the community, or sourcing suppliers from the nearby area. Others are simply interested in finding out more about their area in terms of customers, competitors and marketing opportunities.

Blythe Spirit

04 August 2015

I’ve spent several years studying the science and showbiz of hypnosis. As artist-in-residence at the British Library, I looked into the archives at great hypnotists from the past. Henry Blythe is one of my favourite hypnotists from the archives. He...

'The French Language Runs Throughout The World’

04 August 2015

Today we feature a guest-post by members of the AHRC-sponsored project, Medieval Francophone Literary Culture Outside France, a partnership between King's College London, University College London and the University of Cambridge, working with the British Library. Several of the project's...

Call of the Wild: Animal Tales

03 August 2015

our latest exhibition, Animal Tales, opens on Friday (7 Aug), offering a menagerie of wild beasts, companionable pets, and the sounds of ocean creatives and birds set among a mini-forest of trees, all nestling under the Grade I-listed King's Library Tower. - See more at:

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