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Esperanto and Fair Communication

25 July 2016

On 26 July 1887 the censor’s office in Warsaw approved the publication of a booklet with the title Mezhdunarodnyi iazyk. Predislovie i polnyi uchebnik, translated into English in 1888 as Dr. Esperanto’s International Tongue. Preface and Complete Method (British Library...

Jainism in the early 19th Century: Drawings from the Mackenzie Collection

25 July 2016

The British Library holds over a thousand Jain manuscripts, most of which were collected in the 19th Century, by Indologists and East India Company officials. In a recent blog, Pasquale Manzo, the British Library’s Sanskrit curator, gives an overview of...

Star Item: An Anglo-Saxon Sketch of the Solar System

25 July 2016

When people living over a 1000 years ago looked into the sky, how did they interpret what they saw? Helen Sharman and Tim Peake may be the first two Britons to actually go to outer space, but people living in...

Never mind the British Library, here’s Punk

25 July 2016

In June the British Library hosted ‘An Evening with John Lydon’ which saw Lydon, aka The Sex Pistols’ Jonny Rotten, outspoken commentator and cultural figurehead, in conversation with BBC6 Music’s Stuart Maconie. This was Lydon’s only live interview of 2016...

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