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What's Your Favourite Magna Carta Item?

29 July 2015

A group of us were recently discussing what is our favourite item in the British Library's Magna Carta exhibition. Mine changes every day, but I had recently plumped in a Twitter Q&A for the John Wilkes teapot, on loan from...

Update on Political Meetings Mapper - BL Labs Competition Winner 2015

28 July 2015

Posted on behalf of Katrina Navickas. Katrina Navickas, Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Hertfordshire, and one of the winners of the 2015 British Library Labs competition, describes the current progress of her project, ‘Political Meetings Mapper’. Political...

Rationing and the Red Guard: a very British perspective

28 July 2015

At the time of the October 1917 Russian Revolution there were thousands of European citizens, mostly British and French, living and working in Russia. Ranging from governesses and tutors to engineers, industrialists and their families, these men and women found...

How to Get Press Coverage for Your Small Business

28 July 2015

Jessica Huie MBE, an entrepreneur with 15 years media experience, founder of JH Public Relations and Color blind cards and partner to the Business & IP Centre, gives her advice on how start-ups and SMEs can generate PR for their business without spending a fortune.

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