We are the national library of the United Kingdom and give access to the world’s most comprehensive research collection. We provide information services to academic, business, research and scientific communities.

Our collection of over 170 million items includes artefacts from every age of written civilisation. We keep the nation’s archive of printed and digital publications, adding around three million new items to our collection every year.

We have many books, but we have so much more. Our London and Yorkshire sites have everything from newspapers to sound recordings, patents, prints and drawings, maps and manuscripts. Our inspiring exhibitions interpret these collections and bring their stories to the public.

Knowledge Matters

Knowledge Matters sets out the British Library’s vision for its future development as it looks ahead to 2030.


We build, curate and preserve the UK’s national collection of published, written and digital content.


We support and stimulate research of all kinds.


We help businesses to innovate and grow.


We engage everyone with memorable cultural experiences.


We inspire young people and learners of all ages.


We work with partners around the world to advance knowledge and understanding.

Philanthropy Impact Report

Philanthropy Impact Report 2021-22

Helping us open up a world of inspiration and ideas for everyone.

Work with us


Find out what it's like to work here from the people themselves.

Supplying the Library

Learn about procurement procedures and becoming a supplier to the British Library.


Register for Public Lending Right (PLR) to receive payments each time that a public library lends out a copy of your work.

Legal deposit

Find out about your responsibility as a UK publisher to provide a copy of every work to the British Library.

Annual report and accounts

Each year the British Library publishes its annual report and accounts for the 12 months ending 31 March. Read our latest annual report (PDF format).

Annual report 2023