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Antoine de Lohny (fl. c. 1460-1490) has recently been identified with the Saluces Master, originally named after his miniatures in this book of hours bearing the Saluces arms (over those of the original owner). Antoine de Lohny is first documented in Toulouse, then in Barcelona from 1460 to 1462, and in 1462 in Avigliana near Turin. From his Catalan period, two documented works survive, an altar painting (Barcelona, Museo Nacional de Arte de Cataluña) and a design for a rose window in Santa Maria del Mar. Before Antoine de Lohny was identified with the Saluces Master, his hand was recognized as the Master of the Trinity, named after a large Trinity (Turin, Museo Civico) in the style of Savoyard-Piedmontese art linked to other panel paintings. Lohny’s miniatures are distinguished by figures with softly modelled faces, heavy drapery, colourful architecture, and varying figure-scales. This manuscript was originally begun by Péronet Lamy, documented in the service of the court of Savoy from 1432 to 1443, and a contemporary, the Master of Louis of Savoy, named after the owner of a book of hours in Paris (Bibliothèque nationale de France, lat. 9473). The manuscript was finished by Antoine de Lohny, who partly retouched the earlier illumination and who, in his miniatures, might have painted on underdrawings.  
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