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 Detail from the Roman de la Rose
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Reproductions and copyright

Ordering Images

If you would like to order any of the images on this website as photographic prints or in digital form, contact The Picture Library (for digital images and, in many cases, transparencies) or Imaging Services (for paper copies, microfilm, etc.).

Copyright Information

The text and images appearing on the British Library's Digital Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts pages are copyright and their use is restricted by law.

Personal Use

  • You may view or download the image to your workstation and store it, and you may make one hard copy without payment or further permission, provided this is done for purposes of private study only.
  • You must include the copyright notice and British Library reference (MS number and page or folio number) as accompanying each image in the copy you make, whether in electronic or other form.
  • You may also display the single personal copy for purposes of an academic lecture or seminar, provided that no further duplication occurs or is allowed to occur.
  • You may not duplicate the image in any medium for another person or institution.
  • You may incorporate the URL for an image, but not the image itself, in your personal hypertext document. The purpose of this restriction is to preserve the integrity of the image by ensuring that image files are always downloaded direct from the British Library server.

Other Use

  • If you wish to reproduce an image for publication in electronic or any other form you must obtain the specific written permission of the British Library in advance; a fee will usually be charged.
  • Reproduction of British Library images on the internet requires a special pre-negotiated licensing agreement; please contact British Library Publications.
The following require written permission from the British Library:
  • Publication in any form of hard copy (book, periodical, partwork).
  • Use in television, film or video.
  • Publication in any electronic form of an image, whether modified or not.
  • Duplication of an image in any networked or public site, or in any "virtual library".
  • Public display in any form of electronic or hard copy.
  • Duplication by photocopying or any other means for use in any teaching pack.

Hand-made artwork is exempt from these restrictions.

To request permission to reproduce an image, please contact Imaging Services

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