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If you have a Reader Pass you can access a number of our electronic resources on a personal device, wherever you are, and we’re regularly adding to this list.

Resources available

The Library regularly adds to the number of electronic resources that Readers can access on personal devices. You can find and access all resources available on a personal device from our Find Electronic Resources A-Z list. You can also search for these resources by subject.

In August, we added two more ProQuest databases to the list of titles available on a personal device; these are: 

  • Acta Sanctorum online
  • Patrologia Latina

More recently we added 49 East View to the list, these are:

  • (The) Chernobyl Files. Declassified Documents of the Ukrainian KGB
  • 30 Dnei Digital Archive, 1925-1941
  • Argumenty i fakty (digital archive)
  • Belarus Anti-Fascist Leaflets, 1942-1944
  • Belarus Anti-Fascist Resistance Press, 1942-1945
  • Chernobyl Newspapers Collection, 1979-1990
  • China Academic Journals
  • Current Digest of the Russian Press (The)
  • Donetsk and Luhansk Newspaper Collection
  • International Affairs Digital Archive
  • Isskustvo kino
  • Izvestiia Digital Archive (DA-IZV)
  • Kavkaz Digital Archive
  • Kotobarabia Arabic E-Library (formerly Kotobarabia Contemporary Arabic Books)
  • Kotobarabia Modern Arab Renaissance Collection
  • Krasnyi Arkhiv
  • Krokodil Digital Archive
  • LEF Digital Archive (192-1928)
  • Literaturnaia gazeta (digital archive)
  • Moscow Defense Brief Digital Archive (DA-MDB)
  • Nedelia Digital Archive, 1960-1999
  • NIVA Digital Archive (1870-1918)
  • Novaia Gazeta Digital Archive
  • Novoe russkoe slovo Digital Archive
  • Ogonek (St. Petersburg) Digital Archive, 1899-1918
  • Periodicals of Central Asia and the Caucasus (UDB-CAC)
  • Periodicals of the Baltics, Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine (UDB-EUR)
  • Poliarnaia Kochegarka Digital Archive
  • Pravda Digital Archive (DA-IZV)
  • Pravda Ukrainy Digital Archive
  • Rossiiskaia gazeta Digital Archive
  • Russia / NIS Statistical Publications
  • Russia Direct - Digital Archive
  • Russia in Transition
  • Russian Central Newspapers
  • Russian Regional Newspapers
  • Russian Social Sciences and HumantiesPeriodicals (UDB-EDU)
  • Russian/NIS Newswires
  • Russia's Constitutional Crisis, 1993
  • Russkaia literatura Digital Archive
  • Social Movements, Elections, Ephemera (East View) [this is a generic record referring to 36 databases that deal with elections ephemera – only a couple of these databases actually have their own record)
  • Sovetskaia Kul’tura Digital Archive
  • Soviet Coup Attempt, 1991
  • The Moscow News (1930-2014) digital archive
  • Ukrainian Publications
  • Vestnik Evropy
  • Voprosy istorii: Complete Collection
  • Voprosy literatury: Complete Collection
  • Za vozvrashchenie na Rodinu Digital Archive


Some databases require more steps to login than others; we have provided instructions for these databases:

Terms and conditions

Please note, you can access these resources subject to our terms and conditions; the British Library does not guarantee the availability of these resources. Some publishers have stipulated additional conditions of use which you must accept before you can access the resource. UK copyright and intellectual property law applies when you use these resources.

If you breach conditions, your Reader Pass will be suspended, or cancelled. The rights owner might also seek legal sanctions.


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