Can I copy material in the Reading Rooms?

Reading Room  Paul Grundy
Reading Room Paul Grundy

If you're using our Reading Rooms, there are a range of options available to copy our material

Yes, there are a range of options for copying items in the British Library’s Reading Rooms. In summary you can:

  • Use the self-service photocopiers or scanners available in most Reading Rooms
  • Take a photograph of the material yourself using a compact camera, tablet or mobile phone
  • Have the material you want copied by a member of staff
  • Use our Sound and Moving Image Copying Services to make copies of sound and video recordings.

The options above are covered in more detail in the information about copying services at the St Pancras Reading Rooms, including any prices and restrictions applicable. All of the options are subject to varying preservation and copyright restrictions, so you should check that you are able to copy the material you want using the option you want. If in doubt, ask a member of Library staff. They will be able to advise you what you are allowed to copy and which option would be best for your needs.

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