How to handle archives

Watch our video on the best ways to handle our archives.

There are a number of techniques and tools you should use when handling our archive material. Watch our video guide above to find out more.

Archives can be very varied. Their format will depend on their age, what they're made from, and how they've been stored and used.

When you use our recommended handling methods you are helping us preserve our archives.

Key points

When handling our archive material, please make sure you:

  • pay attention to the format and condition of archives
  • lift and turn unbound items individually
  • work neatly and keep documents in order
  • use book supports when using bound archives
  • are aware that fasteners can restrict how well the documents open.

Watch our video

Watch the video above to find out the best way to handle:

  • unbound documents
  • treasury tags
  • paper clips
  • post binders
  • bound documents.