How to handle rolled items

Watch our video on the tools and methods you should use when rolled items.

Rolled items can vary from small items to large rolls with multiple layers. Watch the video to see the tools and techniques you should use to help us keep these items in good condition.

Key points

When handling rolled items, make sure you:

  • pay attention to the format, size and condition of rolled items
  • have enough space to unroll items
  • have weights and other tools to hand.

Ensure there you have enough space to unroll items and use soft weights to hold them open.

Often it is easier to unroll only what you want to see at one time. Watch the video to see the technique for this.

Large items may require a second person to assist you. It's important that you pay attention to the format and condition of an item.

Watch our video

 The video guide above covers the techniques for handling:

  • vertical rolls
  • horizontal scrolls
  • large rolled maps
  • multi-membrane parchment rolls.