How to make an inter-library loan claim

On Demand - inter-library loan

On Demand manages lending between other libraries in the UK through their accounts with us

British Library On Demand processes payments for inter-library lending on behalf of other libraries, by debiting and crediting the requesting and supplying libraries business accounts with us. If you are a supplying library, you can ask to have your account credited for the items you have supplied by submitting an ILL claim form. You should do this at least once a month so that we can charge requesting libraries promptly.

To submit a claim you need the following information:

  • Your customer code
  • Your Directory of Library Code
  • The customer codes of all the libraries that have requested items from you
  • The request references for all the items you have supplied (these should have been provided by the requesting library)
  • How the items were supplied (i.e. as a loan or photocopy)
  • The price of each item you supplied in GBP, excluding VAT

Once you have submitted the claim form, we will credit your account with the total value of the claim, including VAT for photocopied items. 

Claims made via the online form will usually be credited to your On Demand business account within three working days. 

We charge the requesting library a small administration fee to cover the costs of providing this service, but all contracts and prices are agreed between the requesting and supplying libraries.