Initiate a new digitisation project with the British Library


If you would like to start a large-scale, externally funded digitisation project with the British Library, please contact us.

If you are interested in ordering individual images or having images made of a small quantity of items from the Library’s collections please contact Imaging Services.

If you would like to discuss a larger scale digitisation project idea, please contact Reference Services in the first instance. If a British Library curator supports the idea, they will work with you to develop the proposal. Please note that you will need to have identified or seek funding support for the new digitisation initiative since almost all digitisation at the Library is externally funded.

Further information on submitting a collaborative funding bid with the British Library is available on the Research Development web pages. The Research Development team can also be contacted at

Once funding has been identified, the curator will need to follow a formal process which takes into account conservation, imaging, metadata, copyright and licensing clearance, data protection and other requirements. Depending on the characteristics of the material, this process may take some time and you should allow for this whilst developing your idea.

For commercial organisations who would like to work with us on digitisation initiatives please contact in the first instance.

Collection guides

Datasets for content mining

Content suitable for use in text and data mining research

Datasets for image analysis

Image collections suitable for large-scale image-analysis-based research

Russia in the UK Web Archive Collection

Russia in the UK Special Collection, UK Web Archive

Datasets about our collections

Bibliographic datasets relating to our published and archival holdings

UK Web Archive

Preserved web resources of scholarly and cultural importance from the UK domain

Digitised printed books (18th-19th century)

Over 60,000 out-of-copyright digitised books from the 18th and 19th century available for viewing, search, download and digital research.

Digital mapping

Geospatial data, cartographic applications, digital aerial photography and scanned-in historic map materials

Western illuminated manuscripts

Approximately 9,000 manuscripts with decoration or illumination

Medieval and early modern British literary manuscripts

Sources for British literature before 1600

Medieval and early modern British historical manuscripts

Sources for British history before 1600