Access the manual of analogue audio restoration techniques

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The 'Manual of analogue audio restoration techniques' (PDF format), by Peter Copeland, is designed as an aid to audio engineers and audio archivists.

Peter Copeland, Conservation Manager at the British Library Sound Archive from 1986 until his retirement in 2002, worked for many years on a manual of analogue audio restoration techniques. Peter died in 2006 after a lifetime dedicated to understanding the history and complexity of analogue audio technology, and his manual was left incomplete.

The British Library is making the work freely available as it stands, as a service to professional audiovisual engineers and archivists, and as a testament to a life dedicated to the care of audiovisual heritage. As a snapshot of Peter's viewpoint at a certain time, some parts have inevitably dated. The core of the work however, is unlikely to date. Focussing in unparalleled depth on the correct playback of analogue sound recordings, the result of detailed research into the history of audio technology, it will be an essential guide for audio historians and for technicians working in digitisation programmes.

Manual of analogue sound restoration techniques

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